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This course is specifically meant for learners who do not target full conversation but looking for a basic interaction, expressing their daily professional and non-professional requirements. Good for school students who have French in their curriculum, Students of B.B.A , M.B.A , B-tech, M-tech, Medical, Dentists, Doctors etc. for value addition to their curriculum vitae, Travelers going for a short trip, Small business meetings, Sales personnel with limited interaction

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to parts of speech (Basic) 00:00:00
Articles (Basic) 00:00:00
Quantitative (Basic) 00:00:00
Pronouns (Basic) 00:00:00
Possessive pronouns (Basic) 00:00:00
“To be” and “To have” verbs (Basic) 00:00:00
English Vocabulary (Basic) 00:00:00
Adjectives (Basic) 00:00:00
Prepositions (Basic) 00:00:00
Position of verb as a subject and object (Basic) 00:00:00
Verbs after preposition (Basic) 00:00:00
Frequently used words (Conjuctions, Interjections etc.) (Basic) 00:00:00
Question words (Basic) 00:00:00
Modals and introduction to “To be able” verb (Basic) 00:00:00
Irregular verbs (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple present tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple past tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple future tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Interrogative and question word form in all other verbs (Basic) 00:00:00
Present continuous tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Past continuous tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Modals with continuous form (Basic) 00:00:00
Future continuous tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Use of “about to” (Basic) 00:00:00
Use of “Going to” (Basic) 00:00:00
Continuity (Temporary and permanent) (Basic) 00:00:00
Present perfect tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Past perfect tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Past perfect with modals (Basic) 00:00:00
Conditional Real (Present and Future) (Basic) 00:00:00
Conditional Real (Past tense) (Basic) 00:00:00
Conditional imaginary (Basic) 00:00:00
Future perfect tense (Basic) 00:00:00
Future perfect with modals (Basic) 00:00:00
Present perfect continuous (Basic) 00:00:00
Past perfect continuous (Basic) 00:00:00
Future perfect continuous (Basic) 00:00:00
Imperative form (Basic) 00:00:00
Question tags (Basic) 00:00:00
Causative someone (To make+s.o.+1st form of verb) (Basic) 00:00:00
Causative something (To get+s.t.+3rd form of verb) (Basic) 00:00:00
Permissive (To let+s.o.+1st form of verb) (Basic) 00:00:00
Direct and Indirect speech/ Reported speech (Basic) 00:00:00
Passive voice (Basic) 00:00:00
Modals with passive voice (Basic) 00:00:00
Passive with Causative concept (Basic) 00:00:00

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