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This course is specifically meant for learners who do not target full conversation but looking for a basic interaction, expressing their daily professional and non-professional requirements. Good for school students who have French in their curriculum, Students of B.B.A , M.B.A , B-tech, M-tech, Medical, Dentists, Doctors etc. for value addition to their curriculum vitae, Travelers going for a short trip, Small business meetings, Sales personnel with limited interaction

Course Curriculum

Tips on learning a foreign language (Basic) 00:00:00
Pinyins and tones (Basic) 00:00:00
details and examples P & T (Basic) 00:00:00
Exceptions & examples (Basic) 00:00:00
Greetings and Salutations (Basic) 00:00:00
Chinese Vocabulary (Basic) 00:00:00
Personal Pronouns- I/ (me) /my/mine/ ( myself) (Basic) 00:00:00
Names of Countries/nationalities/ professions (Basic) 00:00:00
Demonstrative Articles- This/That/These/Those (Basic) 00:00:00
Quantifiers (Basic) 00:00:00
Cardinal numbers- One/ two/ three… (Basic) 00:00:00
rdinal numbers- first / second/ third…. (Basic) 00:00:00
Fractions / phone numbers maths / Date / Year (Basic) 00:00:00
Weekdays and months (Basic) 00:00:00
Telling the time (Basic) 00:00:00
Prepositions “of” and “to” (Basic) 00:00:00
Usage of “in” with the names of the countries, cities and seasons. (Basic) 00:00:00
Adjectives + exceptions + The comparative degree and the superlative degree (Basic) 00:00:00
Placement of the adjectives, adverbs and exceptions (Basic) 00:00:00
Telling Location / Situation / Position (there is are) Prepositions (in grammer) / Prepositions (Basic) 00:00:00
Have verb-you (Basic) 00:00:00
Colours (Basic) 00:00:00
Introduction- Verbs and their types (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple present (Basic) 00:00:00
Helping verbs (have to, can, to be able, want to,) (Willing to) (Basic) 00:00:00
Present continuous (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple past and present perfect (Basic) 00:00:00
present perfect -2nd use (Basic) 00:00:00
Simple future tense – Formation+ (Basic) 00:00:00
Present perfect continous (Basic) 00:00:00

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