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The objective of this course is to gradually enable a beginner of a foreign language to attain an exceptional expertise in the language where he will be able to express all his thoughts, needs and ideas, technical or non-technical, formal or informal, professional or casual. Having taken this course with utmost sincerity he will be able to express a wide variety of linguistic requirements. This definitely requires a lot of patience coupled with extreme perseverance to imbibe all that this course offers. Welcome brave hearts! Own the language, not just learn it. Make it your second soul.

Course Curriculum

Pinyins and tones 00:00:00
details and examples P & T 00:00:00
Exceptions & examples 00:00:00
Greetings and Salutations 00:00:00
Chinese Vocabulary 00:00:00
Personal Pronouns- I/ (me) /my/mine/ ( myself) 00:00:00
Names of Countries/nationalities/ professions 00:00:00
Demonstrative Articles- This/That/These/Those 00:00:00
Quantifiers 00:00:00
Cardinal numbers- One/ two/ three… 00:00:00
Ordinal numbers- first / second/ third…. 00:00:00
Fractions / phone numbers maths / Date / Year 00:00:00
Telling the time 00:00:00
Prepositions “of” and “to” 00:00:00
Usage of “in” with the names of the countries, cities and seasons. 00:00:00
Adjectives + exceptions + The comparative degree and the superlative degree 00:00:00
Placement of the adjectives, adverbs and exceptions 00:00:00
Telling Location / Situation / Position (there is are) Prepositions (in grammer) / Prepositions 00:00:00
Have verb-you 00:00:00
Colours 00:00:00
Introduction- Verbs and their types 00:00:00
Simple present 00:00:00
Helping verbs (have to, can, to be able, want to,) (Willing to) 00:00:00
Present continuous 00:00:00
Simple past and present perfect 00:00:00
present perfect -2nd use 00:00:00
Simple future tense – Formation+ 00:00:00
Present perfect continous 00:00:00

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