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Amazing facts about Japan  [part -2]

Learn some amazing facts, culture and language of Japan

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French words frequently used in English part 3

In my previous blogs we learnt some French words which are used frequently in English. In this blog we will …

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French words frequently used in English part 2

Language is a bridge by which two people can share their ideas. Complete structure of a language is incomplete without …

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Amazing facts about japan you could find weird  [part 1] 

Learn about Japan, Japanese language, its culture and everything related to Japan with us

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Some English words of the common things you never knew existed! Part 2

Hello friends! This is in continuation of my previous post on some rare words of English vocabulary of some very …

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Miscellaneous loan words : French words frequently used in English

A good communication depends on the sound knowledge of the particular language. Sometimes we use the words of different origin …

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What? Is there a word in English for this also?

English is an extremely rich language when it comes to expressing even the most abstract of the ideas! And that’s …

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Passion for languages ? We bet no one can beat this person.

Learning a new language is a gateway to the new world. There is no limit to learn a language. Father …

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Language: Subject or a Routine

Subject is a packet of knowledge changes according to the age or syllabus, like Mathematics, it differs from class to …

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