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The inception of any endeavor starts with the birth of a vision which in fact is a mother of an idea. The idea had been there for last 44 years, the living proof of which is thousands of students, businessmen, Jewelers , hoteliers & entrepreneurs  who have benefited from the courses being offered at our institute DIFL – Dante Institute of Foreign Languages  ( located at Jaipur, but as they say, everything takes shape when the time is rife. Here we are, to augur a new era of learning foreign languages through the world of technology through our content rich online videos which facilitate your learning without having to move out of your home or office. The same quality, the same expertise is now being brought to you in a digitalized format through an online learning language platform know that when it comes to Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, you have high expectations form us. An utmost care has been taken by us to bring the best to you.Because we know you are the best & hence you deserve the best.

The world is shrinking & people are coming together like never before. Are you ready for the change? Knowledge of a foreign language can open the vistas of the world to you. You may be looking for the clients for the services & the products you are dealing with. And on the other side of the world somebody speaking a different language than yours, may be hunting for the same restlessly. Language becomes the bridge for you in such case. “Boundaries can’t bind me, Words can’t limit my thoughts, I have been born to fly in the open sky, not just to be at one place and rot, Today begins the flight of my dreams, I have gathered strength to break the shell, My abode is not just my birth place , When I can fly, I have the world to dwell” – Priyanshu Sharma


  • -Courses not based on static exercise but explicit explanatory videos.
  • -Richest data base available anywhere on internet.
  • -Live support through dedicated teachers with weekly problem solving and manual assessment on Skype.
  • -Rich course content an outcome of 44 years of legacy at D.I.F.L. Dante Institute of Foreign language –
  • -Thousands of students in last 44 years have already benefited from the foreign language courses available at D.I.F.L.
  • -Regular assessment of your performance through periodical tests and exams.
  • -Language of instruction not totally English but very non-technical, easily understood by people of all age groups and all educational levels.
  • -No minimum qualification required because of the interactive medium of language full of visualization and illustrations.
  • -Learning is much quicker because of main emphasis on Thought Translation Process (TTP) rather than solely technical terms.
  • -Very affordable pricing. In fact, more affordable than conventional classes.

-Chosen as one of the most emerging career options by most of the employment bureaus

-Expand your business all over the world.

-Huge demand of translators and interpreters because of global shrinking.

-Give your clients an At Home feeling by speaking with them in their native language.

-Get priority in promotions at office as the language skill makes you exclusive.

-It is observed that multi-linguists are recruited 30% faster and still get 25% more salary.

-Science studies suggest that learning a foreign language has many cognitive

-Benefits such as memory improvement, longer attention span, and prevention from dementia.

-Easiest possible skill to acquire in shortest possible time.

-Internationalize your degree by adding a language to your portfolio.

-Language learning is a core static skill which unlike computer knowledgedoes not require repeated update.


-Good foreign language institutions difficult to find.

-Saving of time and expenses on commuting.

-Access anytime anywhere.

-Much more detailed than physical class.

-No printed material required so, no expenses on books.

-Much more interactive with lot of visualization through multimedia resources.

About Us

MyBhasha™ is an online venture by DIFL- Dante institute of Foreign Languages ( to provide quality language learning through streaming classroom video lessons with rich content developed by a unique teaching methodology owing to it’s legacy of more than four decades.
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